Introduction & Gallery

noun: palindrome; plural noun: palindromes
  1. a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backwards as forwards, e.g. madam or nurses run.

It all started with Bill Gates – well strictly speaking not Bill himself but those ingenious software engineers he has working at Microsoft. Every laptop l have had over the past few years comes with the Windows software installed which includes the very versatile ‘Paint’ application. I began using it to cut and stitch family photos together for a bit of fun mainly to amuse my grand daughter Katherine.


Then when l started to take my photography a little more seriously and took the first tentative steps into the Blogosphere.  l began posting the occasional stitched picture alongside standard photos on my first Blog ‘Corks & Walks’ for the ANGLOINFO website, where l wrote amusing and informative stuff for people coming to live in the Aquitaine region of South West France. (See –  ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ post). This was my introduction to WordPress and after a while l was well and truly WordPressganged and started my own ‘redstuffdan’ Blog – That was back in 2014 and some of my very first posted pictures were palindromic photographs.

Now l devote most of my time trying to keep redstuffdan fresh, original and interesting and have developed a loyal following who always keep me on my toes and contribute enormously to the success l have enjoyed with it, although at times, particularly over the winter months, finding suitable photographic opportunities can be a little challenging. It’s during these slow times that l revert to my old obsession and enjoy nothing more than playing with Microsoft ‘Paint’ for hours on end. Some of the stuff l have posted, the ‘starships’ and ‘space castles’ for example but most of it is junked or set aside – Well not anymore – This ‘Old Obsession’ has got a blog all of it’s own and l really hope that it encourages and inspires you to give it a try yourselves – I have a feeling that if you do – you will soon be just as obsessed as l am.

Kindest regards